for decision makers and executives


Nowadays, when it comes to the implementation of your goals, ideas or products, you as a board member, managing director or executive increasingly have to deal with the political and regulatory framework yourself and play an active role in the decision-making processes.


In order to be heard in the increasingly complex world of politics - whether at local or national level - it is necessary for you to perceive lobbying as a management task. Only then can you achieve the necessary credibility and authenticity as a point of contact for political decision-makers.


In addition, for professional lobbying - as for all other management tasks - you need the appropriate know-how, a target-oriented strategy and individual preparation.


This is exactly where our LobbyAffairs Consulting & Coaching comes in. No matter if you are entering the political stage for the first time or if you are a professional looking for a suitable sparring partner.


We will work with you to develop an individual coaching and consulting plan that will enable you to manage your political external relations more professionally and ultimately to act more successfully with your stakeholders. 

"If one wants to have an effect on other people, one must first talk to them in their own language". – Kurt Tucholsky